Take Back Your Life with SISEL

October 30, 2013

At SISEL, our slogan “Take Back Your LIfe” isn’t just a catchy phrase. We’re serious about providing the home business vehicle to enable you to take back your Health, take back your Wealth, and take back your Happiness. SISEL has developed the most spectacular line of products to address aging and longevity, heart health, brain health, cholesterol management, inflammation and joint pain, cutting-edge weight loss, the World’s Best Tasting and Healthiest Coffee, and personal care products that are toxin-free to reduce your exposure to cancer causing chemicals that we are exposed to in our every day use of store-bought personal care products.

At SISEL we pay the highest compensation in the entire industry, because SISEL owns the manufacturing plant that makes all of our products outright (that’s right, no debt), so we can manufacture our products for a fraction of the cost our competition pays to have someone else manufacture their products. That allows SISEL to pay more commissions to you than the competition can afford to pay. SISEL’s founder previously built one of the top five companies in our industry, which reached a Billion dollars in annual revenue. That company was sold due to our founder’s divorce, then he started SISEL with the cash from the sale of the previous company and proceeded to build the world’s largest manufacturing facility for our industry – which is what separates us from the competition.

Most companies in our sector pay someone else 3-4 times the cost of ingredients to manufacture their products. At SISEL we pay only the cost of the ingredients plus a small amount of labor to manufacture our products — what a huge advantage! In addition, we manufacture products for over 100 other companies like GNC, Walmart, Costco, and 40 competing companies in our industry – who all help pay our manufacturing overhead costs to further hold down the cost for us to manufacture SISEL products. That is a massive advantage over the competition: not only do we manufacture our products at a significantly lower cost, but we also control the entire manufacturing process from start to finish – so we can produce the highest quality products available.

The top compensation in our industry

In our founder’s previous Billion dollar company, he created over 1,000 home business Millionaires in the process of reaching $1 Billion in annual revenue. SISEL’s founder believes we will reach over $1 Billion per Month in revenue in the next 10 years, and expects to create over 10,000 home business Millionaires in the process with SISEL International. SISEL just launched in the U.S. in October 2011, so it’s still a ground floor opportunity and you have the same opportunity as everyone else to be one of those expected 10,000 SISEL home business Millionaires. We can show you how to make it happen for you and your family, if you treat your SISEL business like the Million dollar business it can be.

Take Back Your Life with SISEL International

Take back your Health with our spectacular health and wellness products, take back your Wealth with the highest compensation in the industry, and take back your Happiness with the Freedom of a home based business.

Not happy with where you are right now in life and your prospects for the future? Take Back Your Life with SISEL International. Just fill out the request for information form on the home page of this site and we’ll get back to you to discuss whether SISEL might be right for you.

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