“Great Leaders are few and far between. In every marketing company there are leaders of all sorts and they are vital to the success of the company. We have heard of the quote, lead follow or get out of the way. Few will lead but many will follow. I classify leaders as A, B, C categories, below that they are followers with wannabe aspirations but cannot do what needs to be done. They can be successful but need leaders with varying skills to lead and direct them.

Of all the leaders in any MLM company there are but a few that are A Leaders. These leaders are at the forefront, teaching, sponsoring, conducting seminars, webinars, inspiring and driving not only their down lines but those of others as well. They work tirelessly and are always there to events, calls, promotions. Importantly they come up with innovative and creative ways to open doors for others to walk through. Their energy is unceasing and their drive unstoppable. That is why they are so extra ordinarily successful and iconic to the business.

Jackie Christiansen is one of them. An “A” category leader that shines like few others do. Not just a driven business woman, Jackie is highly impassioned and creates energy that is contagious. Always positive, never quits, and is always helping the company as well as the entire distributor force. You can count on her for anything you ask and she does it without reservations. So if you are looking for a Leader among leaders, Jackie is that person. Few are like her but all are blessed by her. She is one of the few, truly an “A” players in any company but an A+ in Sisel. She has my endorsement, my support and I know I have hers, more importantly so does the distributor force, whoever and wherever they are.”

Thomas Mower Sr.President Sisel International

“I can tell you all about how Jackie Christiansen is nice, kind, generous and helpful and that would all be 100% accurate.

However, I want to let you know that Jackie is an AMAZING servant leader. She’s focused, constantly learning, growing and takes the profession of Network Marketing seriously!

If you’re new or have never had much success before; then Jackie, her training calls and videos will get you started right and growing a successful business.

If you’re experienced and you’re a leader, then Jackie will compliment your style, support your efforts to grow, brainstorm great ideas with you and truly help YOU Raise Your Game!

I highly recommend Jackie for partnering and succeeding in our amazing profession.”

Al Rodriguez

Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Team Builder


“I have known Jackie Christiansen for over 4 years in the industry she has been my mentor, my teacher, my leader and a very dear friend. If I had a sister I would want her to be Jackie, this is a friendship and partnership that will last forever.

If you looked up the definition of a “Great Leader” in the dictionary it should say Jackie Christiansen:

“A leader is someone who helps others do and become more than they ever thought possible. Leadership is about unlocking potential, whether individual potential or that of a group, company, or organization. It is not about telling people what to do, but inspiring them to see what they are capable of, then, helping them get there.”

This is exactly who Jackie is, she is always there to help her team and others in the company to grow to be more than we thought possible, never pushing, never telling, but inspiring us, and teaching and leading us to see what is possible for all of us and helping us get there. And before you know it, if you follow and listen to Jackie’s teachings and messages, you are leading and helping others just as she did for you. She is an inspiration to all she meets, and is a very real and compassionate person.

I look forward to many more years partnering and working with and learning from Jackie on how to help others succeed in this amazing business of MLM. She teaches the power of duplication with so much energy, passion and sincerity. She is the essence of this company, she walks the walk and talks the talk, an amazing lady for sure. I and all who know Jackie are very blessed to have her in their life.”

Thank you Jackie for being who you are!

Barb Grinde

Master Distributor

Sisel International

“Every generation and industry requires an individual with out of the box thinking and forward well honed leadership skills. Jackie is that person. Highly devoted to self improvement and servanthood, Jackie has natural intuitive people skills that allows her to freely give, develop, motivate and enhance every relationship.

She is the leader that will take you to the top!”

Jeff Gowins


Visit Jackie’s new website:  www.jackiechristiansen.com  for help with Social Media Marketing