Our Philosophy:

When my kids were young I became very frustrated working for someone else and missing out on important developments & moments in my kids lives, so I started looking for a better way. I discovered a way to stay home with my kids and make a great income with a network marketing home business. I was able to rise to the highest ranks in the industry in several short years. I replaced both my and my husband’s incomes in less than 18 months and also kept my family first, even though I had no prior background or experience in this field. If I can do it, so can you.


Our team provides extensive coaching and training in the skills required to be successful in your home based business. This approach facilitates personal growth which, in turn, leads to financial growth. In the process of helping others get what they want, you also can achieve what you want in life, and this is the philosophy of our team. Our goal is to help you achieve financial freedom and the freedom to control your own life, or as SISEL says it, “Take Back Your Life.” SISEL International is the vehicle that can make it happen for you too. This is the best home business available today.


We now split our time between the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and the beach in Dana Point, CA. Our SISEL business has enabled us to live the lifestyle of our dreams; travel, skiing, and two college tuitions…

We now have our own SISEL groups in over 20 countries, including large distributor groups in Italy and France:

IMG_1685SISEL casa angelinaSISEL International ItalyCollesseum



We can help you create the life of your dreams too!



If you’re ready to make a change, contact Jackie directly at: jackiechristiansen777@gmail.com …(970) 406-8928



Are you part of the 80% of Americans that don’t like their jobs?



Are you tired of working harder for less money?



Are you concerned about your ability to retire?



Are you spending enough quality time with your family?



Has your job security turned into job insecurity and stress?



Don’t feel trapped in your current situation, Take back your life in 2016…



and get started building the life of Your dreams with the best home business – SISEL.


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