Home Business Ideas to create the lifestyle you’re seeking…

In the following video Jackie Christiansen explores the spectrum of Home Business Ideas. Not all Home Based Businesses are alike. Some home based businesses require significant investment of time and money to get your new business off the ground. Selling your own service or product is a home business that often requires significant investment of time and marketing to generate to a decent flow of customers. Franchise businesses typically require a significant up front invetment to purchase a turn-key operation that follows a proven formula for providing a product or service. This lowers the chances for failure, but requires a much greater initial investment. Franchise businesses typically run between tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase.

Direct Sales and Network Marketing also involves a proven formula for making money with tried and tested products that people want and need. However, the start-up cost of this type of home based business is significantly less than that of a franchise. With Driect Sales you are the marketing vehicle for the products by introducing potential consumers to products and providing them information on the products and often the associated business opportunity. Direct Sales is a good choice for people with little experience in starting their own business because training and support are typically provided in a good organization, and the initial finincial investment is typically under $500..

Home Business Ideas

Jackie Christiansen is one of the top Direct Sales and Networking coaches and trainers in the industry today. Jackie is also and independent Five Star Master Distributor for SISEL International. This video is a must watch for people considering a home based business. The advantages and disadvantages of each of the home business ideas are considered.

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