Getting Started in your Direct Sales Business

In the following video Jackie Christiansen shares how to get started in your new Direct Sales Business. Jackie is one of the top trainers and coaches in the direct sales and networking industry. Hear the advice Jackie gives to her new team mates in her own business as they get started on the road to home based business freedom.

First, be clear on your goals. Set reasonable goals that are quantifiable and have a date associated with the outcome. It helps to set a goal that will get you excited and keep it posted where you can see it every day during your normal routine. Your goals should be in writing and should be vivid and involve a compelling reward when the goal is achieved. If done properly, your goals will inspire you to give that extra effort that often makes the difference. Also, share your goals with others in your life that are important to you and will be supportive. Then check your progress towards your goals regularly and make adjustments to stay on track to achieving your goals.

Second, get excited. Natural enthusiasm is contageous and can make all the difference. When you are excited about what you are doing others will want to know what all the excitement is about, and will want some of that excitement in their lives too. In the direct sales business natural excitement can be the most important factor in how quickly you grow your business. True excitement can even be more important than knowledge about the products or the business. Enthusiasm attracts other people like a magnet. You should be excited, you just started your own business and chose a company with exciting products and a mission you can get behind 100%.

Third, get into action. This is where many people new to a direct sales business have problems. They want to be sure they know everything about the products and business before talking to anyone, they plan what they will do and say, they analyze what others are doing – and essentially avoid getting into action by procrastinating. In a direct sales business you learn while you earn. The quicker you get into action, the sooner you make money. You don’t have to know everything, just make it a plan to learn as you go and utilize your team to help you talk to those first prospects. You will make some mistakes along the way, but it’s O.K. That’s how you learn.

Getting Started in your Direct Sales Business

And finally, relax and have fun. The more you enjoy your new home based business freedom, the more others will want what you have. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Put together a plan with your mentor to learn as you go and get the support you will need in the beginning. Starting your new direct sales business will be an incredible journey, so enjoy the ride, have a plan, get into action, and have some fun.

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