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SISEL International revealed their new and significantly enhanced Compensation Plan today, which goes into effect on February 1, 2015

FIVE Powerful Profit Centers to Maximize YOUR income:

1. Daily Fast Start Bonuses – paid 8 levels deep!

Daily Fast Start Bonuses

2. Unilevel Direct Commissions – paid up to 10 levels deep!

SISEL Direct Unilevel Commissions

3. Master Check Match – on your downline leaders!

SISEL’s Master Check Match

4. Global Leadership Bonus Pools

SISEL’s Global Bonus Pool

5. Luxury Auto Bonus – of up to $1,500 per month

SISEL’s Luxury Auto Bonus

SISEL’s new enhanced Compensation Plan is unprecedented, paying out significantly more than any other company in our industry. Want to be paid well for your efforts? Nobody else can match what we’re doing here at SISEL, Why? Because we manufacture our own products, which allows us to pay significantly more compensation to our Distributors. Want to earn extra income? Part-Time income? Replace your full-time income? or Build Long Term Wealth through residual income? Then this is your plan! Get rewarded double or triple what those other companies in our industry can afford to pay. Make SISEL International your final home.



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Summer is here and most of us want to look our best for vacation season. Are you happy with how you look in your swimsuit right now? It’s time to drop that extra 5-10 pounds or more that many of us put on over the winter. How many times have you attempted to get in shape for summer and swimsuit season without fully achieving your goals? And how many times have you deprived yourself of certain foods, calories and starved yourself in an effort to lose that extra weight?

Now there’s a way to help you loose that weight quickly and effectively without starving yourself – SISEL’s new weight loss coffee. Most people can’t start their day without coffee and the average person drinks 2-3 cups per day. Coffee just tastes great, smells good but hasn’t always been good for you, until now.

SISEL International has come up with an ingenious way to enjoy a gourmet cup of coffee and at the same time help you lose weight. Their comprehensive blend of new thermogenic and fat burning ingredients shows tremendous promise for triggering and supporting significant fat loss.

Could it be possible to drink coffee and lose weight at the same time? SISEL’s new weight loss coffee will be available beginning January 15th, and I plan on being one of the first to try it out.

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients in this new weight loss coffee formula which includes many proven weight loss support ingredients as well as some recently discovered thermogenic agents:

  • 1.Panamanian Boquete Gesha Gourmet micro-ground coffee (voted the worlds best tasting coffee by the World Coffee Association for 12 years running)
  • 2.Green Coffee Bean extract (Chlorogenic Acid) to increase fat usage for energy
  • 3. Garcinia Cambogia extract to prevent fat from being stored in the body
  • 4. Raspberry Ketone extract to suppress the appetite and promotes glucose utilization in the cells

Thermogenic fat burning ingredients:

  • 5. Sinetrol – a fat burner that stimulates the release of free fatty acids from fat cells and increases fat breakdown via increased metabolism.
  • 6. Evodiamine increases fat metabolism, reduces the uptake of fat and increases your body’s natural rate of fat burning while also increasing resting core body temperature.
  • 7. Pterostilbene Crystal Caffeine complex for sustainable energy (8 hours) with out the normal caffeine energy spike and subsequent crash.
  • 8. Chromium Polynicotinate regulates blood glucose levels and increases fat burning
  • 9. Yerba Mate extract, helps increase metabolism and energy.
  • 10. EGCg from Green Tea to block cellular fat uptake and increase fat metabolism
  • 11. Guarana increases energy metabolism and synergistically interacts with Sinetrol to accelerate fat burning power.

SISEL’s weight loss coffee is designed to support rapid and effective weight loss while increasing your energy level. Most of these fat burning support ingredients have clinical studies to support their claims of increasing fat loss versus control groups taking a placebo. It appears there are other positive health benefits from many of these ingredients as well.

To date, no other company has ever come up with a weight loss ingredient profile so comprehensive in a weight loss supplement. These ten ingredients work synergistically to help the average person lose excess body fat quickly.

Personal testimony from Jackie: “SISEL’s Weight loss coffee just hit the market in February 2014. I was one of the first to buy a bag and I have to say it does taste great and I lost five pounds my first month – without altering my diet or excercise at all. This product really works and I look forward to drinking my weight loss coffee twice per day, because it tastes so good. I’m now on my third bag of weight loss coffee and have my husband drinking it too as we get ready for our summer vacation and swimsuit season. This stuff really works!!”

All the best,

Jackie Christiansen


SISEL coffee is here! It’s been rated as the world’s best tasting coffee…

SISEL International has just launched the best tasting, highest quality, and healthiest coffee in the world, SISEL Kaffe. Not all coffees are alike. Most coffee is made from cheap lower grade coffee beans from Columbia, Guatamala, Mexico and other places with inferior soil, poor climate, and a less than optimal environment which result in a bitter, sour tasting coffee.

What Makes SISEL Kaffe the World’s Best Tasting Coffee?

At SISEL we pay the highest compensation in the entire industry, because SISEL owns the manufacturing plant that makes all of our products outright (that’s right, no debt), so we can manufacture our products for a fraction of the cost our competition pays to have someone else manufacture their products. That allows SISEL to pay more commissions to you than the competition can afford to pay. SISEL’s founder previously built one of the top five companies in our industry, which reached a Billion dollars in annual revenue. That company was sold due to our founder’s divorce, then he started SISEL with the cash from the sale of the previous company and proceeded to build the world’s largest manufacturing facility for our industry – which is what separates us from the competition.

Panama Kaffe Plantation


SISEL started with the best of the best Panamanian Gesha boquet coffee beans, then added some amazing ingredients which help you achieve better mental clarity, boost your immune system, and improve longevity; Chaga, Ganoderma, Bacopa, and Gotu Kola. These powerful herbs have been used in Chinese and Indian natural medicine with remarkable results over the past centuries. Many people actually feel an improved sense of mental clarity after their first cup of SISEL Kaffe.

For more information on these amazing health ingredients CLICK HERE


SISEL has also developed a weight loss coffee which has natural ingredients which reduce fat uptake, boost metabolism, and slow the release of glucose into the body after a meal, all supporting weight loss. These powerful ingredients are all tastless and odorless, yet support your weight loss efforts synergistically in a powerful way.


Healthy coffees have been introduced over the past decade, but most are made with cheap, poor tasting coffee beans and insignificant ammounts of healthy ingredients to produce mediocre products which underperform on taste and health benefits. Now there’s a healthy coffee avaiable with truly great taste, great health benefits, and a great business opportunity included as well.

SISEL Kaffe will not only be your coffee of choice, but you will be sharing your excitement with your friends about this amazing new coffee – so why not get paid on your referrals of new customers to SISEL. At SISEL Kaffe we pay our distributors more than double what those other networking coffee companies pay. We also have a luxury car program to pay your luxury car payment when you reach defined levels of success as a SISEL coffee distributor.

Want to drink the world’s best tasting and healthiest coffee? Want to share this amazing coffee with your friends? Want to get paid for drinking this amazing coffee and sharing it with your friends? How about having your luxury car paid for by developing a successful business with SISEL Kaffee?


Interested? Fill out the white “request for information” form on the Home page of this web site and click “submit”. We’ll get back to you with more information on our amazing products and compensation plan – SISEL coffee is the new powerhouse in the coffee industry.

For a limited time only, you can join SISEL Kaffe for FREE!

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Watch our latest SISEL Kaffe Business Presentation video for additional info on our products and compensation:


At SISEL, our slogan “Take Back Your LIfe” isn’t just a catchy phrase. We’re serious about providing the home business vehicle to enable you to take back your Health, take back your Wealth, and take back your Happiness. SISEL has developed the most spectacular line of products to address aging and longevity, heart health, brain health, cholesterol management, inflammation and joint pain, cutting-edge weight loss, the World’s Best Tasting and Healthiest Coffee, and personal care products that are toxin-free to reduce your exposure to cancer causing chemicals that we are exposed to in our every day use of store-bought personal care products.

At SISEL we pay the highest compensation in the entire industry, because SISEL owns the manufacturing plant that makes all of our products outright (that’s right, no debt), so we can manufacture our products for a fraction of the cost our competition pays to have someone else manufacture their products. That allows SISEL to pay more commissions to you than the competition can afford to pay. SISEL’s founder previously built one of the top five companies in our industry, which reached a Billion dollars in annual revenue. That company was sold due to our founder’s divorce, then he started SISEL with the cash from the sale of the previous company and proceeded to build the world’s largest manufacturing facility for our industry – which is what separates us from the competition.

Most companies in our sector pay someone else 3-4 times the cost of ingredients to manufacture their products. At SISEL we pay only the cost of the ingredients plus a small amount of labor to manufacture our products — what a huge advantage! In addition, we manufacture products for over 100 other companies like GNC, Walmart, Costco, and 40 competing companies in our industry – who all help pay our manufacturing overhead costs to further hold down the cost for us to manufacture SISEL products. That is a massive advantage over the competition: not only do we manufacture our products at a significantly lower cost, but we also control the entire manufacturing process from start to finish – so we can produce the highest quality products available.

The top compensation in our industry

In our founder’s previous Billion dollar company, he created over 1,000 home business Millionaires in the process of reaching $1 Billion in annual revenue. SISEL’s founder believes we will reach over $1 Billion per Month in revenue in the next 10 years, and expects to create over 10,000 home business Millionaires in the process with SISEL International. SISEL just launched in the U.S. in October 2011, so it’s still a ground floor opportunity and you have the same opportunity as everyone else to be one of those expected 10,000 SISEL home business Millionaires. We can show you how to make it happen for you and your family, if you treat your SISEL business like the Million dollar business it can be.

Take back your Health with our spectacular health and wellness products, take back your Wealth with the highest compensation in the industry, and take back your Happiness with the Freedom of a home based business.

Not happy with where you are right now in life and your prospects for the future? Take Back Your Life with SISEL International. Just fill out the request for information form on the home page of this site and we’ll get back to you to discuss whether SISEL might be right for you.

All the best to your success,



Review of SISEL International…

Before I go on with this Business Review of Sisel International, I am not associated or involved with this business opportunity in any way. I review home based businesses and write hundreds of different MLM Reviews on the internet.

The founder of Sisel International is of Tom Mower. It was created back in 2006. Sisel International currently has gained momentum that has generated well $200 million dollars in sales as of this writing. It has the potential to become a billion dollar MLM Company in the near future. If you already don’t know who Tom Mower is, he has extensive experience in the network marketing niche. He was formerly the founder of Neways, another billion dollar MLM Company in the home based business industry that Tom sold as part of a divorce settlement. Therefore, Tom has gotten instant credibility and trust in multi level marketing since the 70’s that has given Sisel International it’s momentum and causing the current explosion in growth.

The Sisel International Management Team

Sisel International is definitely a great network marketing company. Tom has brought in a phenomenal leadership management team that offers decades of experience in the MLM industry.

It is vital as a company with Sisel International to have great leadership, not just the products themselves. SISEL also manufactures it’s own products. If you don’t already know, only a handful of network marketing companies actually manufacture their own products. It definitely cuts down the cost of the Sisel International products. It also procives a huge advantage over their competitors in this niche!

What Kind of Products is Sisel International Selling?

Sisel International has various kinds of products in the health and wellness space. Products the company sells are hair care products, skin care products, weight loss and dietary supplements, etc. The products that Sisel International is best known for are the liquid nutrition product line. Eternity is their top-of-the-line resveratrol which lowers cholestorol and blood sugar, thereby improving heart health.

Eternity is blended and mixed with 3 different ingredients in a variety of macro, nano-sized nutrients. The Eternity product also helps support weight loss, exuberant health, vitality, gives you more energy and gain more longevity and youthfulness that has to do with anti-aging.

Furthermore, Sisel International does manufacture all their own products. They have the capability to make sure their own products are produced at the highest possible quality!

SISEL International manufacturing facility, Utah

The Sisel International Compensation Plan

If you are contemplating to become a Sisel International marketer, you have to purchase a starter kit for a low investment and stay in good standing on your monthly auto-ship like many of the MLM companies in the home based business industry.

What makes Sisel International really special? It’s because the company manufactures their own products. Therefore, they can afford to pay their reps 3-4 times more than other MLM companies. Just like other network marketing companies, you can get compensated 5 different ways to earn income, and have the opportunity to earn immediate upfront commissions plus generating long term monthly residual income!

Is This Business Opportunity Really A Legit MLM Home Based Business?

After taking a close look at this Sisel International, it is definitely a legit MLM Company and a fantastic business opportunity. They have more credibility than most MLM companies out there. They are manufacturing their own products and are generous on paying their distributors that pays 3-4 times more in commissions than their competitors in this industry.

Nonetheless, at the end of the day Sisel International definitely has everything you would want in a MLM Company. So your own success can be achieved by having your own capability to market your Sisel Intenational business today!

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